We are a team of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists with university degrees and degrees in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We provide staff that speaks English fluently.

We are specialized in counseling and treatment of adults, couples and kids.Our goal is to provide you with pragmatic solutions to your individual problems and concerns. To achieve this we are working based on actual scientific studies and findings.

It is crucial for us that at any step of the process you will have full transparency about what we are doing and why we are doing it. More than that: We will always rely on your active participation in order to achieve your goals with no more sessions than necessary. To measure your progress objectively the steps towards improvement are being monitored by valid and reliable testing and shared with you on a regular basis.

Aimed at people who have never consulted a psychotherapist and who would like to find out about the options available in case of mental health problems we invite you to download a brochure published by the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists here.

If you want to make an appointment we kindly ask you to fill out a form so we can check the availability of our English-speaking therapists. Please click here: Request an appointment

Of course you can also call us. Our receptionist for English-speaking patients only in all locations can be reached Monday 9am - 2pm and Thursday 10am - 3pm. Our telephone number (only for patients seeking Englishs-peaking counseling): 030-6832 2909.


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